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JoviPak Leg Sleeve
Manufacturer: JoviPak
Price: $2,475.00
Item No: LE-AF1

LE-AF1 Leg Sleeve

Extends from the toes to mid thigh. It is merely an adaptation, or shorter version of the LE-AG1. Notice that the garment has a cuff with no lateral rise, making it adaptable for wear with a JoViPak® Boxer Shorts.

Sizes for Made-To-Order: Xsmall to 2XLarge (Standard and Max) 4 Lengths: Floor to Groin (27" - 33") 3 Foot Lengths, Short, Regular and Long.

MAX sizes are 2" larger at ankle, 1" larger at widest calf, 1/2" larger at least knee and the same circumference as the Standard size at the groin, or G landmark. 

The sole of the footpiece on all JoviPak leg sleeves extends to the tip of the longest toe.  The top of the footpiece is cut back to approximately the base of the nail-beds.  If you want to specify the amount of toe exposure for your patient, please submit a foot tracing on the Foot Tracing Form.

To Place an Order please Call 888-214-4100.