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JoviPak Arm Sleeve
Manufacturer: JoviPak
Price: $1,581.25
Item No: 102210

UE-AG1 Fingers to Axilla with lateral rise. This full length gauntlet is available in 4 lengths, short to extra long, in five standard and five MAX sizes. MAX sizes are 3/4" larger at the elbow than the standard sizes and 1-1/2" larger at the axilla. Continuous Flow© channeling from the fingers to a point just above the deltoid (approx. 3" above the axilla or G measurement) directs lymph flow laterally to functional alternate pathways. The foam fill is a blend of varied shapes and resiliencies which help to keep the tissue soft and pliable. Available with matching JoVi Jacket (PowerSleeve®)

Sizes: Xsmall - Xlarge (Standard & MAX)

"Max" sizes are 3/4" larger at the elbow and 1 1/2" larger at the axilla.  Inseam, wrist to axilla is 17".

"This is JoviPak's most popular garment."

UE-AG1-JJ (JoVi Jacket) Nylon/Spandex JoVi Jacket may be added as a substitute for outside bandages when additional compression is needed. 

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